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Title: Cultured Magnificence

Medium: Watercolor on cold pressed board

This painting is very different from my usual style. Essentially, I almost made myself sick from constantly using inks and graphite to produce ultra fine lines and details with watercolor accents. I knew that I needed a break so I grabbed my watercolors and created this. I had been experimenting with a similar technique in my sketch books but, this is the first time I made a large scale piece with that technique. I am already working on newer pieces in this style.

Title: Strings and Sinew II

Medium: Red and sepia ink on bristol

I actually had forgotten about this drawing until I dug it up out of the corner of unfinished boards. I felt I should finish it.

Title: I Want to Dance Till Dawn

Medium: Watercolor and inks

So I’m finally posting consistently again! This piece is bigger than most of the others I typically work with and I’m really starting to like using the bigger boards.

Title: Strings and Sinew

Medium: Graphite, red ink, and sepia ink.

Slowly, but surely I am becoming more proactive about posting my artwork again. If you haven’t noticed, seahorses are my favorite animals.

Title: Why do the Bees, Need a Bee Keeper?

Medium: Water color and ink

I know it has been a while since I posted some art (let alone anything else on this blog) and I’m trying to break that bad habit.

Title: Padded Room I
Medium: Graphite, black ink, and sepia ink
A few months ago I visited the museum on Emory’s campus and was really inspired (I took over a hundred photos of the collection). This image was born from that and this song as well:
Hopefully I’ll be able to post more artwork soon because I have been neglecting this blog for sometime because life takes over when you finish undergrad.
Title: Heaven’s Hive
Normally I have a lot of sea critters in my work, but lately insects and arthropods have been working their way into my drawings. Its strange because I scream bloody murder at the sight of them.
Title: Cygnus Somnambulism
Its been a while since I’ve made a post. Please excuse the bad image quality. I won’t have access to scanner for quite some time so I’ll have to settle with photos from my phone for the time being :(
Title: Oviparous Equinox
A pencil drawing meant to represent self destructive behaviors and the glorification of these behaviors by mainstream media.
Title: Empty Eyes
Another watercolor portrait.